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Monday, 14 May 2012

A terrine, and venison liver

Way back in October, Niamh and I went to the BBC Good Food show, at the SECC in Glasgow.
We had a fabulous day, and of course lots of food (and drink for me) was consumed and purchased.
One of the things I bought was a pack of venison liver.
I like venison, have never tried venison liver.
I chucked it in the freezer and all but forgot about it.
I buy my own Mother's day gifts, that way I get what I want, either way, I'm still paying, and one of my gifts this year was a terrine.
Not a Le Creuset unfortunately, but still rather lovely
When googling for terrine recipes, I found this-perfect
Killing two birds with one stone.
This was one recipe I did actually follow, the only difference being that my bacon didn't stretch far enough, so as you'll see I had to add extra slices.
Raw liver, not the most attractive thing ever!
Oven ready
Weighted down, after cooking

Served, with broccoli and stilton soup and rolls.
The soup is my own recipe, just based on what I've eaten in the past.
Sweat an onion for 10 minutes or so, add potatoes, and cook 5 minutes more, add in brocolli and cover just with stock, simmer till tender, add in splash of full fat milk and blend, then crumble in stilton and stir to melt.
The pate was very, very rich, and crumbly, I find shop bought to have a gelatinous texture, which this didn't.
I loved it though and have plenty in the freezer.
Not for everyday, well, you don't see venison liver to buy everyday, but if you ever do, I can recommend this recipe!

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