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Monday, 14 May 2012

Boston baked beans

I'd been meaning to try out homemade Boston baked beans for ages, probably years in fact, and having fairly recently had Sky TV installed, and watching lots of American Food programmes, the idea came back to me.
After all that, it was a Nigella recipe I chose to use, rather than an American one, but I find her recipes, at least the savoury ones, reliable.
Boston baked beans
Of course I adapted it, to use a smoked hough, another Morrison's bargain.
With it, I made bread, monkey pizza bread, well a version of it.
I used this recipe for the dough, and Jen's place for the method.
I left out the pepperoni, since there was meat in the beans, and cooked in a square tin, since that was the first one I found!

It was fabulous, Niamh ate loads, and took some to school for morning snack the next day, and it was wonderful dipped into the bacony, tomatoey beans.
I've frozen some of the beans, as they generally freeze brilliantly, so this one would be great for batch cooking.

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