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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sweet potato gnocchi

I had originally had this down for last Thursday, but had one of my awful days, where I was so exhausted from coughing I could barely stand up straight, so it got postponed, untill today.
It was a Sam Stern recipe, I bought Niamh a couple of his books for her 8th birthday, but of course it's me who uses them.
She thinks he's cute, I'd agree, if I were 15 years younger, but I'm not, so I won't.
Sweet potato gnocchi
God, this was a pain to make.
It needed far more flour than was specified, I can't even tell you how much, as I was covered in sticky mixture, and had to get Niamh to come in and add flour to the bowl for me, whilst I mixed.
As you'll see, I wear nail varnish, have long nails, and don't remove my jewellery when cooking.  I believe some folk have a problem with this.
Tell me who you are and I won't invite you to dinner!

Honestly, I almost lost the will to live half way through, but eventually, the gnocchi was rolled out, cut and cooked.
Was it worth it?
Erm, not really, I found it rather claggy, and glutinous, and my kitchen is still covered in a floury mess.
An exciting evening of cleaning awaits <sigh>

Oh, I served it with tomato sauce, just a basic pasta sauce recipe which I batch cook and freeze, chopping and changing to suit what I have in.


  1. Ha ha! I made some gnocchi not so long back and I stupidly made double quantities of what was already a big recipe - the stuff was everywhere. Still I have loads in the freezer now. Not so keen on sweet potato in our house though.

  2. Never again.
    The mess is immense. I'm still sitting here, pretending it will go away.