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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lamb and rice curry.

As I mentioned on Monday, I'd been wanting to try a lamb biryani for a while, and hoped to make a version of one with leftover lamb.
It would probably have been next week, as I prefer to vary our meals a bit, but when I told Niamh we were having chilli bean wraps, she complained that she wanted meat.
The only meat I had that would defrost in time was the leftover lamb, and as I didn't have all the ingredients for a biryani, I thought I'd just use a recipe as a vague guide and have a curry.
I read a few, and came up with own version.
I put one onion, two cloves of garlic, a green chilli and half a thumb sized piece of ginger, in my mini chopper, with a teaspoon of turmeric, one of garam masala, and one of ground coriander.
This was blended, and then fried for a few minutes until fragrant.
I added cooked rice, the lamb, a handful of defrosted peas and sweetcorn, and half a pack of plain cashew nuts.
This was stirred and heated through, and served with a good squeeze of lemon juice.
Really tasty for a midweek meal.
I will get round to trying a proper biryani soon though!

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