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Monday, 14 May 2012

Banana cake

My baking is a bit hit and miss.  I can generally produce something tasty, but it doesn't always look great, and I've had more disasters with it than anything else.
I'm also less keen on baking than cooking, possibly because I don't have a sweet tooth, and it's not a meal so somehow seems a bit of a waste.
That said, Niamh adores sweet stuff, I'd rather she had homemade over shop bought, and is it much tastier (aside from the disasters, Nigella's gritty lemon sand polenta cake, I'm looking at you!), plus she gets to eat it warm from the oven.
This banana cake, which I made on Saturday afternoon, is the easiest cake ever.
I am the proud owner of my Mum's 70's Kenwood Chef, which I adore, so I just lobbed all the ingredients in it, and let it do the work.
I covered the cake in foil for most of the cooking time too, since my oven is Not To Be Trusted.
Gooey, delicious banana cake.
Yes, that is a Le Creuset heat mat!
Soft, moist and utterly delicious, this is one to make again and again.
For those of you who don't know, you can freeze overripe bananas, they will go black and look disgusting, but are perfect for cake making.


  1. hmmm. I too have had problems with Nigella's cake recipes, a moist chocoalte loaf that had far too much liquid in it to ever be successful and a really leaden fruit cake!

  2. The polenta cake was disgusting, I have the photo so must blog it soon.
    I like her everyday brownies and devil's food cake though.

  3. Agree, easiest cake and so delicious! :-)

  4. Agree, easiest cake and so delicious! :-)