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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Scottish supper, almost.

I've lived in Scotland for 11 years now, and whilst I'm not a huge fan of fish and chips, I do enjoy it once a year or so.
A supper in Scotland, from the chippy is whatever with chips, so a fish supper=fish and chips, sausage supper=sausage and chips.  You get it!
Anyway, one of the things which features on the menu is pizza crunch.  This is battered, deep fried pizza.  I'd always meant to try it, not because it particularly appeals, it doesn't, but I'll try anything once.
As I was poking through my freezer last week, I found a pizza I'd bought a while back, and thought I'd make my own.
I had actually planned on doing deep fried haggis too, but didn't fancy it in the end, neither did I fancy chips, which is why it's not quite a supper!
I decided on potato salad, and garlic mushrooms to make with it.  I was going to make an interesting potato salad but Niamh asked for just potatoes, with spring onions and mayo, so I did just that!
As much as she is a great eater, and will try new foods, I do keep in mind her preferences, and she is half of our family, and sometimes, what she wants, she gets!
The garlic mushrooms were oven cooked, wrapped in foil, smothered with two crushed garlic cloves mixed with around 2oz of butter.
Cook for 30 minutes at 180, shaking the parcel to mix a couple of times.

As for the pizza, now I had to guess this.
The pizza was, as I said, bought from Aldi-Ricotta, spinach and mushroom.

 I defrosted it

Hmm, it was very floppy.  Maybe it would have been better to cook it first?
Anyway, I battered it, in a standard two egg batter recipe, I use equal amounts of plain flour, eggs and milk.  It works.
The topping fell off, I had to shove it back on, and then put it in the fryer.  I cooked it for around 5 minutes a side, till it was golden and crisp.
This had to be done in batches, so I kept it warm in a low oven.

The verdict?

Utterly brilliant.
Who knew!

Next time, I'll try a home made cooked pizza, with my favourite topping of anchovies and olives.


  1. My Brogan LOVES pizza crunch! Have never attempted to make it myself though.

  2. It was really good, probably easier to do with cooked pizza though. I'm tempted to try it with the cauliflower crust pizza.
    Saying that, I need to clean out my deep fat fryer first, which is my most hated job ever.

  3. Can't beat a good pizza crunch! I favour the cheapo cheese and tomato ones without a topping (as you discovered they fall off!) and quarter it, dip it, fry it, no cooking beforehand. Delicious!