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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A balanced diet

I've been asked, or it's been suggested, that I don't eat junk food, or 'normal food'.
I can assure you, I do, we do, I believe in balance, .
Want to see?
 Aldi instant noodles.  I've not tried them, but I love the kimchi instant noodles from the Chinese shop.  I think they are mainly MSG. Yum.
Morrison's salad bar selection, featuring plenty of bacon bits.
What are those things made of?
Is it bacon?
I'm not sure, but it tastes fake, and I bloody love them, ditto, the crispy onions.

My favourite sideways snack ever, I did tell you that I'm rubbish at technology right?
The one thing wrong with it is that it's not M&S salt and pepper party snax, 'cept they don't call it snax, something clarsier, same thing though!

Too sweet, too cold.
Yes, I'm strange, I like to call it interesting, but I don't really do sweet foods, and I find ice cream too cold.
Niamh likes it though.

Munchy box!
Yep, not for everyday, but delicious.  I do usually ask for extra salad, which seems to baffle them!
80's food!
I love vesta chow mein, I love it once every couple of years in a weird, overly salty and fake tasting cardboard kind of way, anyway. I feel the same way about Fray Bentos pies, actually, I'm due one of them...........
Vesta Chow Mein tip-draining the deep fried noodles, directly into a nylon sieve might melt it.
Perhaps don't do that.

See Paul, we do eat junk !


  1. Munchy boxes rule! I also love Morrisons salad boxes, i try cram as much as I can in :D

  2. Ha me, too, and then have to force the lid down!