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Monday, 14 May 2012

Friday night Japanese food

We adore Japanese food, from the freshest sushi/sashimi which I've eaten in Bali, to Yo Sushi to supermarket sushi,  and in the last year have discovered the delights of katsu, in fact prawn katsu is Niamh's favourite meal ever, she once ate 5, yes 5 portions!
I love tofu, and had heard of agedashi tofu, but never tried it, and had recently got the Lonely Planet Street Food cook book, featuring takoyaki, so Friday night was the perfect night to make all three dishes.
I bought the dashi, mirin and sake for the agedashi tofu on Amazon and just topped with ginger and spring onions..

Chicken katsu curry
Agedashi tofu
Takoyaki, from Lonely Planet Street Food.
I subbed prawns for the octopus in the takoyaki, even my lovely local fishmonger doesn't stock octopus!
The book also specifies using a takoyaki pan, erm right, so a bun tin in the oven it was.
Mine weren't crispy, more sort of like a solid yorky pud, very tasty though.  I think next time I'd make the batter thicker and deep fry blobs of it, which is more like what they serve in Yo Sushi.

I didn't bother with rice, figuring it was plenty of food, but I'd have added some if just making one or two dishes.
Niamh doesn't like tofu, but tried some and enjoyed the stock, she obviously loved the katsu, and I loved all three dishes.
I'd call it a success.
I must also say thank you to my lovely friend (another)  Jen for passing on the katsu recipe in the first place, and for encouraging and inspiring me to finally start a blog.
I think my words were, 'but my photos are crap and my house is awful (I currently live in temporary accommodation, whilst waiting for a ground floor property because of my asthma), no one will read it when it looks like someone shat on a plate in a bedsit, but obviously you are reading it!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it's what I've wanted for a long time.

  2. Thank you, but it really doesn't.
    I need to get a better camera and work on some staging.
    It does taste great though, which is my aim.