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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Not improving my baking.

I'm not a very good baker, I think I've said this, but I wish I was, and I do love The Great British Bake Off on Tv, so, when I saw the book, reduced on Amazon, I bought it.
Given my lack of sweet tooth, I flicked straight to the savoury section, and spotted an amazing recipe for a pie with potatoes, onions, and stilton-right up my street.
As I read the recipe though, the pastry seemed to be a bit of a faff.  I'm a terrible pastry maker anyway, something to do with hot hands I believe, and I hate faff.  Added to that, I don't own a pie dish.
Still, I love pastry, and onions, and cheese.  Mmmmmmmm cheese.
So, I thought I'd make a version of it, with bought pastry, and changing the filling to suit.

Basically, it was caramelised onions, cooked potatoes and stilton,
I made a plait, like this and yes, I have made that!
It was delicious, we loved it.
I gave a slice to my friend for lunch the next day, and she requested another one!

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