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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday night takeaway, without taking it!

Most weekends, I do a takeaway type meal, something a bit junky, a bit indulgent, and this weekend, I'd decided on ribs and onion rings, with side dishes.
Actually, in the winter we have actual takeaway, but it just doesn't seem to fit when it's light outside.  I don't know why this is.
Anyway, these ribs, took a bit of work, a bit of on and off, but they weren't actually didfficult.  I don't do difficult.
The onion rings were easy, but you do need a deep fat fryer.  Why do so many people shy away from them?
I love mine.
With it was coleslaw.  The leftover bit of a white cabbage, carrot and spring onion, dressing made from greek yoghurt, mayo and cider vinegar, and corn cobs.
We both feel so stuffed, that a night on the couch groaning awaits!


  1. Have you tried the ribs from the takeaway secrets book? They are very very easy, and tasty!

  2. Not yet, but they are on my very long list to try!