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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Deep fried pastry x 2, and a disaster!

A few weeks ago, I came across some reduced cod's roe in Morrison's.

I've never cooked this before, or tried it, other than in the form of Supermarket Taramasalata, so bought it, thinking I'd work out what to do with it later.
Later came tonight.
First off, , the homemade version of taramasalata, and cod roe beignets to be served with cullen skink, the Arbroath smokie version of cullen skink, since we've never tried Arbroath smokies before, and they were available in the fishmongers when I was in to buy chicken livers on Saturday.
I made the taramasalata first, knowing it could chill in the fridge untill dinner time.
Hmm, I followed the recipe, but it was very thin, and smelt a bit, um funny.

I tasted it, yes, exactly like fishy bins.  Niamh tasted it, and pulled a face.
I'm afraid it got chucked out, with the rest of the roe and the cod's roe beignet recipe!

So it's now 6 o clock, dinner time is looming and I have no idea what to serve with the soup.
A quick poke of BBC Good Food brings up this recipe for crab beignet.
Excellent.  Do I have crab? Of course not, but I do have prawns, so defrost an equivalent amount to the crab.

Actually, by this time, I'm realising I'm making choux pastry for the first time, I've already had one disaster, and I'm still recovering from last night's flour mess.  I think I'm a glutton for punishment, but no, just a glutton, so on I plough.

The choux pastry was easier than I thought, at the adding eggs stage, I chucked in the Kenwood.

You really, really can't go wrong with deep fried pastry, trust me on this.

So, after a bit of a 'mare, I turned out a pretty good meal.  We both loved it, and it's on the repeat list, the beignets in particular, but then they're deep fried.
We like deep fried!


  1. So, what do you think of Arbroath Smokies then? I love them! I love to walk down to the smoking houses and buy them fresh & hot, and eat them out of the papaer. Smokie pate is also lovely!

  2. We loved them, don't know why we've never got round to trying them before.
    Can I have the pate recipe please?