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Monday, 14 May 2012

Stuffed trout, and HFW's veg everyday

I love a bargain, who doesn't? and we both love fish, so when I spotted a whole trout in Morrison's reduced counter, I snapped it up.
I wanted to keep it whole, Niamh loves when fish looks like fish, so I chose to do it stuffed.
Mushroom and bacon stuffed trout
Now, as you'll see it's for eight trout, not one, so I scaled down lots, and just sort of guessed at quantities, I also used button mushrooms, having no idea what cremini mushrooms are.
I chose two salads from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Veg Everyday book (I love this book, more on that soon) the panzanella, and potato salad tartare.
This was gorgeous, Niamh loved squashing the tomatoes, my kitchen floor suffered, as did my shoes which she was wearing, yes, my ten yr old has the same size feet as me.
I used fresh sourdough bread, as I didn't have any stale, but it worked well.  Olives are one of my favourite foods, I love strong flavours.
As for the potato salad, weeeell, I may have changed this a bit (I do this a lot).  I used enough small new potatoes for two, chopped gherkins, capers, parsley, plenty of pepper and then instead of the suggested dressing, made one from mayonnaise, greek yoghurt and cider vinegar, so I can't really say I made Hugh's recipe. I didn't bother with the eggs, since there was more than enough food.
Original recipe

I did halve the fish, it just looked better whole on the plate!
We both loved it, the whole meal was fantastic, lovely flavours and I'd make it again.

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