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Monday, 14 May 2012

Dirty Rice

This doesn't sound great does it?
When Niamh came home from school, and asked what dinner was, she wasn't impressed when I told her, 'dirty rice', convinced I was going to serve her rice with mud mixed in, (yes, Niamh, because I often serve up stuff like that!), but I can assure you it's delicious, easy and quick too.
Now, I must say, that I know many people who insist you mustn't change recipes, or at least you must try the original first, or you can't leave out vital indgredients.
I am not one of those people.
I want to eat food I enjoy, and if that means leaving out something I hate, then so be it, hence why a third of the holy trinity in Cajun cooking, the celery, was left out.  I hate celery, it's evil, vile, revolting, and has no place in my mouth.
If truth be known, I'm not keen on peppers either, but Niamh loves them, so I do cook with them from time to time.
Dirty rice
I know most people shy away from chicken livers, but they really are mild tasting, that said, do try it, and leave them out if you really can't bring yourself to use them.


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  2. I didn't know you were on MN!