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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Slow cooker pork and bean stew, and more flour.

Since I live in temporary accommodation, lots of my stuff is in boxes, that includes most of my recipe books.
I was so close to finding, and opening the recipe book box earlier this week, but then realised that I've never cooked anything from any of my Lonely Plant, World Food, series.  I have 15 of these, 13 right in my living room.
I asked Niamh to choose one, and she chose Spain.  There was a recipe, for a pork, bean and blood pudding stew, it sounded good, so of course I completely didn't make it at all, but it did inspire me to make up my own recipe for this evening's meal!
I used a pork shank, reduced from Morrison's (see a theme here?), a tin of tomatoes, plus one of purée, a couple of onions and garlic cloves, and just whacked it in the slow cooker all day.
The pork completely collapses when you remove it, but that's fine, it's soft, tender, delicious, and takes on all the flavours.
I used haricot beans, soaked overnight, and put in first, under the pork.

To serve with it, I made foccacia.  Why I started with flour again, I don't know.  I'm so floured out, yet I want to make a cake on Saturday.
For this, I used Jen's place, but I halved the recipe, as there's only two of us, compared to Jen's five.
I used my Kenwood chef to knead the dough, which unfortunatly made a sparky noise and then smoked.  I think it's died.
I've been offerred help to fix it though, so hopefully it'll work.
I love my Kenwood.

There's plenty of stew left, but it did make a huge amount.  All the bread has gone!

I didn't bother with the rosemary, mainly, because I forgot to buy it!


  1. I grow my own rosemary, I hope you get somewhere wit a garden so you can too! Think I am going to try your pork stew soon :)

  2. I'd love a garden in my next home.
    I want a veg patch and a herb garden, though I'll probably have to pay someone to tend to it for me.