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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Slow cooked lamb

I've been shattered so far this week, I'm currently reducing my steroids and seem to get tireder and tireder as each pill is removed.  So far my face is not deflating either, I still look a lot like Meatloaf.
Anyway, that meant I wanted something for dinner which didn't take much work, and didn't involve flour!
I had a shoulder of lamb in the freezer, so out that came, and google found me a Jamie Oliver recipe
I say recipe, I just used the method with the garlic, omitting the rosemary and choosing different side dishes.
The reason I omitted the rosemary is that I want to use the leftovers in a version of lamb biryani, and I can't imagine rosemary working there.
Oven ready lamb

I'd seen my friend's sister the day before, and she'd been telling me about hassleback potatoes she'd made, and as some kind of weird coincidence, Jen made them that night!
I'd had a tip to put the potato on a spoon, that way you cut through most of them, without going all the way

The meal turned out brilliantly, a really easy roast with gorgeous crispy potatoes and some green veg from my freezer, and I have loads of lamb left for the biryani, so that will be made and blogged soon.


  1. Ahhh, you peel yours! I migth try it that way next time, though I do love the skin!

  2. It's the first time I've tried them, they were great though, and I'd do them again.