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Sunday, 20 May 2012

A load of old tripe

I'd never tried tripe, never really wanted to, it looks disgusting, but after buying a Simon Hopkinson book last year, and him recommending it, and reading about it on a few blogs, I was intrigued

The idea came back to me, so I bought some, and tried it a couple of months ago.
The recipe I used was Simon Hopkinson's tripe with spring onions, ginger, chilli and coriander, from The Good Cook.

I must say, the texture when cutting it raw was enough to put me off, and the sound it made, and that it was all stretchy, but I ploughed on.

I adapted the method to the slow cooker.

I had read this blog post:
Now, I didn't have a hangover, but the thing about the smell is relevant. It made my house smell like a farm, which is off putting, and I'd definitely recommend a day in advance.

As for the finished article, well, it was interesting.
Definitely from a cow, yet mild, not slimy at all but sort of squashy, but not in a bad way.
The other flavours were good I thought, though Niamh didn't like the star anise flavour.
Not sure I'd make it again, it was OK, glad I tried it, and I ate a whole bowl (I made sweet and sour chicken and rice too), but maybe not great enough for a repeat.
Niamh ate two pieces though, and just asked that I leave out the star anise next time!
I think that's high praise from a ten yr old.


  1. Oh just reading this briungs me out in a sweat. my mum used to feed me tripe - cooked in milk - apparently I loved it. then my dad came back from being at sea and made vomiting noises whenever she cooked it, so it left our menu, and in my memory, it was always revolting. Fast forward to my early 20s when I was au pairing in France, and one day, 'des tripes' were on the menu. A great steamiing casserole of it, out of the freezer which defrosted genetly in madame's cuisine and then got heated up. As the smell permeated the house, I began to feel nauseous to the point of nearly actually having to be sick. My hairline got all sweaty. In he end I had to explain and I felt dreadful because i'd eaten all the other 'delicacies' they had cooked for me, including snails cooked 4 different ways... Fortunately, it was considered such a delicacy that the kids were going to have chicken while the adults were going to have the tripe, and the older kids were railing at the unfairness so i got some chicken and they got my share of the tripe.

  2. It's definitely not popular is it?
    It was interesting, and I have since heard of a recipe of it with red wine and tomatoes that I may try, but I don't think it'll ever feature regularly.
    I love experimenting with new things though, and cooking unusual ingredients.
    I tried ox heart not too long back too, which was really good.

  3. I want to try new things but I'm a complete wuss when it comes to offal. I think too hard about it - no hope really. Like the sound of what you cooked it with though :) and very impressed with Niamh eating two pieces. Don't know many 10 year olds who would.

  4. You should try the dirty rice. It's not livery at all, and because they are blended first, are in tiny pieces.