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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Singapore Laksa

Tonight we were having macaroni cheese, a new recipe for me for it, from Valentine Warner, but Niamh has come down with a horrid cold, and asked for spicy.
I went straight for Rick Stein.
After flicking through it, I chose Singapore Laksa.
I still urge that you buy the book, and no, I don't work for Rick, but it's a brilliant book. Someone else has provided the recipe here
I will tell you though that Belacan (shrimp paste), smells utterly disgusting, really bad, but it adds a depth of flavour, and such an authentic taste, that it is worth using.
Of course leave it out if you want though.
I'm very lax with recipes, I chop and change them to suit all the time, in fact, it's rare that I use one exactly.

This was really spicy, just what Niamh needed, and we both loved it.
I'd say I'm steering clear of spicy/curry/Rick Stein for a while, to vary our food, and use other books, but I've ordered rosewater for his korma!

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