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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Garlic, cream fettucine with bacon and mushrooms

I got this from Jen's blog, well sort of.
I saw it on there and loved the look of it, but I actually own the book it's from-The Takeaway Secret.
I'd only cooked one dish from it though, as it's a small paperback book, with no pictures.  As pathetic as this sounds, I like big recipe books that I can prop open in the kitchen, with pictures to inspire me.
However, now that Jen had provided the photo, I could make it!
Recipe here
This was so easy to make, very quick too.  In fact next time Niamh has asked if she can cook it.  We've decided she's going to cook every Wednesday, so I'll let you know how she gets on.
It is very rich, but so tasty.  I think I'd do a salad with it next time, to cut through the richness, instead we just had an apple each afterwards!

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