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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chicken livers with cream and mustard.

It's Wednesday, it's Niamh's turn to cook.
I came across this suggestion for chicken livers on a food forum I belong to (thank you Dena, for this and the Valentine Warner recommendation!).
I showed it to Niamh, and she was keen to give it a try.
I'll paraphrase it for you, oh and of course, I changed it a bit ;)
Fry two finely chopped shallots, and a clove of garlic in olive oil, until softened, add in four sliced chestnut mushrooms.
Once the mushrooms have coloured and softened, add in chicken livers.  I used two bags as bought from my fishmongers, no idea of weight, sorry!
Cook until still pink in the middle, then add a dessert spoon of wholegrain mustard, and a big splash of double cream and heat through.
We had this with Valentine Warner's fennel puree, and Nigella's creamed spinach.
I do like my sleb chefs!
Great success with both, and all on the repeat list.

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