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Friday, 15 June 2012

Chicken Korma

Rick Stein should pay me!
Another recipe from Far Eastern Odyssey.
I've made korma many times, using recipes from Jamie Oliver, and Sam Stern, and whilst they were great, this was so much better.  The flavours were more subtle, but more rounded.
You could tell more work had gone into it. I even bought rosewater online for it.
Korma is Niamh's favourite curry, so I will be making it again, once I've got through the hundreds of other recipes I want to try!
I made a green bean curry to go with it, we like our veg.  This was similar to a thoran.  I left out the coconut, as I hate the texture.
I cook with coconut milk often, but that doesn't contain nasty little bits!
Niamh did the rice with it, she always cooks the rice here, she's better at it than me, and I put peppers on the side.
She loves them, I don't.
A great meal.

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