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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Salmon burgers

I decided we were having a takeaway tonight.  Specifically chicken kebab and chips.
After checking my purse and finding it pretty empty though, I had to find an alternative, and it needed to be quick. I was shattered.
I had some salmon in the fridge, which I knew would last another day, but found this recipe for salmon burgers.
It's another Simon Rimmer.
I didn't use the basil, the flavour didn't appeal with salmon.
I also used a different mayo.  I mixed may with chopped spring onion, capers and gherkins, with lime juice.
The burgers went into buns with some salad leaves and the mayo.
I served these with more leaves, and some leftover raw beansprouts, with a dressing made from soy and sweet chilli sauce.
These were lovely, a much lighter take on traditional burgers, and I'm sure would be great on the barbie.

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