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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Quiche, beetroot, and samphire.

These were all new dishes to me, we'd not tried them before.
We have eaten quiche, and smoked mackerel, so I was fairly sure it would be enjoyed.
It was.
Very easy, if you use ready made pastry, and I do, as even thinking about making my own brings me out in a cold sweat.
The beetroot relish came from Valentine Warner.
Niamh doesn't like beetroot, or at least never has before, but I'd only ever served up vac packed stuff.  I thought maybe cooking it myself, would make a difference.
It didn't.
She still didn't like it, and I managed to turn most of my kitchen, and myself purple.  I already have a swollen head, so resemble Augustus Gloop, now, I'm resembling Violet Beaurerguarde, after she's eaten the blueberry chewing gum.

Anyway, this is beetroot, horseradish, dijon mustard, lemon juice and olive oil.

The other side was samphire.
I knew what this was, had heard of it, but never tried it.  I grabbed it when I saw it in the fishmongers.
I was advised to rinse it well, as it's salty.
I asked for advice, and it came back to steam it, so I did, for just three minutes.
We both loved this.
Cooked, but crunchy, and really fresh tasting.
I'll be buying it again, and again, and again..........

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  1. I recently tried samphire and loved it too - got mine from the supermarket, sure it would be even better fresh from the fishmongers.
    Your Willy Wonka bit made me smile :) Adore beetroot but it gets everywhere no matter how careful you are x