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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sardine melts

Neither of us were that hungry tonight, so I decided on something fairly light, tuna melts.
I always have tuna in the cupboard, always, until, it seems, I want to use it.
By the time I discovered this, the shop was shut, and I couldn't think what else to make.
Niamh had a look through the cupboard and found a tin of sardines in tomato sauce.
I didn't check the date, I think it may have been some time ago, but it's tinned food, it doesn't go off right?
I mashed the sardines with a spoonful of mayo, a spoonful of capers, and then spreaded it on three slices of bread.
This was topped with grated gouda and made into sandwiches and they  were fried in butter until browned and crispy.
For a cheap meal, this tasted great, I would make it again, and as well as tuna on the shopping list this week, I've added sardines too!


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