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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Curry selection

We love curry here, in fact I keep vowing to steer clear of it for a while as we have it so often, but it never lasts long.
There's so many varieties, and because I have a really well stocked spice cupboard, I can make all sorts of interesting dishes without having to shop, so they seem really cheap.
I'd wanted to try a thoran for a while.  The concept of dry curries is quite new to me.  I'd actually chosen a beetroot one, since I've never cooked fresh beetroot, but couldn't find any in my small town, so went with cabbage instead.
I also tried mushroom pakora and defrosted a Sri Lankan tomato curry, that I'd made a while ago and frozen.  I added some green beans to this on reheating to add more veg.

The whole meal was delicious, the different curries, dry, crisp and saucy (ooer!) worked really well together, great contrast of textures, as well as flavours.
Niamh even enjoyed the cabbage, and she's not usually a fan

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