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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Clay pot pork

Last night I took some pork belly slices from the freezer.  I'd planned on a recipe with barbecue sauce, but when I got up, I just didn't feel like it.
As I'd sworn off Asian food for a while I searched the net, all my books and my bookmarks for a recipe to suit.
I couldn't find one, until I found this.
OK, so it's Asian, Vietnamese, but maybe that just shows how great Asian food is?
Claypot pork
I was a bit nervous about making the syrup, convinced I'd burn the pan, but I didn't.  It goes without saying though, don't leave it.
It was easy, though not quick, but it's time cooking, when you can get on with other things-watching the soaps in my case!
We had this with plain rice.

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