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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Leek and bacon pie.

Last week I treated myself to a lovely Le Creuset pie dish and bird.
I had watched an episode of Masterchef Australia where they were baking pies and decided I wanted to bake more of them.
I want the Hairy Biker's pie book, but that has to wait for the bank balance to ctah up so I flicked about my books, and online for a recipe.
I found one I liked the sound of, for ham and leek, but subbed bacon as I knew I had a pack in the freezer.
I didn't follow the recipe, just made it up as I went along, browning the bacon, adding in and softening the leeks and then making white sauce to add.  I included a dash of white wine in the sauce.
I made this earlier in the day.
It was going to have a top ond bottom crust, but I didn't have enough pastry!
The pastry also cracked a bit, but wasOK.
I bought it btw, I don't do homemade pastry.
This tasted fantastic.
I fancy a steak and kidney this week.

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