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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Creamy mushrooms on griddled polenta.

A few weeks ago, I bought a block of polenta, the ready set stuff, which I'd never tried before.
I slung it in the fridge and forgot about it!
I was out for lunch with my friend last week and she had a lovely dish of creamy mushrooms on sourdough toast.  It came to me that I could recreate this at home, and then I remembered the polenta and thought I'd use it instead of the toast.
I sliced it and griddled it, for 10 or so minutes a side, it didn't seem to brown very quickly, and also broke up when being turned/removed.
For the mushrooms, I used a pack of thickly sliced chesnut which I cooked in olive oil until browned and the released water had evaporated, added a splash of wine and sizzled, and then a large splash of cream plus seasoning.
Garlic would be good too but I didn't fancy it last night.
The mushrooms were served over the polenta, with honey roast cherry tomatoes and leafy salad.
A light, easy, vegetarian meal.

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