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Friday, 14 September 2012

Baked lamb ribs with feta and aubergine casserole

I did a check of all the meat and fish I had in my freezer this week, and found some lamb ribs I'd bought in Morrison's, I love Morrison's more unusual meats btw, and googled for a recipe to cook them for the first time.
I really liked the look of this one.
It was very easy to make, though needs to be done in advance.  The ribs were really tender, and tasty, I'll be trying them again.
With it a chose an aubergine and feta casserole as I think these flavours work really well with lamb, and I was right!
This would make a lovely veggie dish with some salad and crusty bread.
I left off the egg topping, it didn't appeal to me and I don't think needed it.


  1. I looked in our Morrisons for lamb ribs, couldnt find any :( Ours is so pants!

  2. I haven't been for ages, as I've not been well enough to leave town.
    I do love it though, I got the Cod's roe and ox heart there too.