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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Caramel layer cake.

Well, it was Niamh's 11th birthday on Tuesday, but she wasn't here, so I had to make her cake for her coming home.
Unfortunately that didn't happen, thank you asthma, so I bought her a cheesecake, thank you Tesco.
I still wanted to make her a cake though, and since I love The Great British Bake Off, and have just bought the new book, thought I'd try a cake from it.
It was a caramel layer cake, and salt caramel at that.  We tried salt caramel at Martin Wishart's restaurant last year and loved it, it also looked fairly easy which I need, as I am not a good baker.

Oh god, just oh god.
This was a nightmare.
The cakes took at least 20 minutes more to cook than stated, went all lumpy and fell apart.
I almost gave up and chucked them, but didn't want to waste them so made the caramel topping.
That didn't dissolve, stayed gritty and splattered everywhere.
I'm afraid I didn't bother with the chocolate topping, I'd lost the will to live by then!

In saying all this, it tasted great, and Niamh loved it.
She is also very amused by my disasters.
I love Great British Bake Off, it's how I want to be, in a programme- Serene, naice, relaxed and just lovely.
I'm far too harassed and shouty, and sweary!


  1. It looks delicious!

  2. It tastes delicious, but looks terrible,like a dog pooed on a cake!