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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mushroom soup and laverbread cakes.

I'd seen Wade make this dish on Masterchef Australia and my friend Jen had made it and raved about it so I gave it a go too.
It's really mushroomy and delicious, and warming.
I didn't do the croutons, just whizzed up some porcini in the blender and sprinkled over the soup.
It's very easy too.
Wade's mushroom soup
Now, a few months back I bought some laverbread, that's a welsh seaweed.  I had been wondering what to do with it for a while, and since we like interesting accompaniments with our soup I though I'd have a go at these laverbread cakes.
One change I made was to cook a couple of chopped rashers of bacon and add to them.
Niamh wasn't that keen but I loved them.  I thought the taste of the laverbread was sort of like seaweedy spinach, with a hint of capers.  Very interesting.  I have two tins left so any ideas what to make with it would be great!

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