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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Banana curry

Yes, you did read that correctly.
I'd had this idea floating around for a while, ever since I made a plantain curry a few months back.
I didn'treally fancy any of the recipes I saw for it, and I knew what I felt like tasting, so I made it up.
I made a paste from ginger, shallots, fresh coriander, garlic and green chilli, and fried it untill frangrant.  To this I added coconut milk, and simmered until thickened.
I then added in sliced banana and heated through.
I also made HFW's chickpea ketchup curry and Niamh made us some basmati rice.

Niamh had not been impressed with the idea at all, but loved it, and had a second portion.
I know it sounds unusual but really do give it a try.

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