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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Boston baked, erm lentils!

I post on a food forum, and the other day, when discussing winter warmers, Boston baked beans came up.
As you know, I've tried a couple of recipes for this and am always keen to try more, as it's something we really enjoy, and very economical.  I need that after the Good Food show and the £7 mayo!
This is the recipe.
Now after deciding I was making it, I discovered I had no beans in the cupboard, none, and I couldn't go out to get any as I wasn't too well (I have a collapsed lung), but found a tine of green lentils, so made that sub.  Later on, I found some dried black turtle beans in the back of another cupboard, so soaked those for a couple of hours in boiling water, then cooked for 40 minutes, and used those too.
I also subbed the black treacle for molasses and french mustard for dijon as that's what I had.
I used my slow cooker for this.
It's probably not much like the original, but it was absolutely delicious.
I'll have another go again, but stick to the original next time to compare.
Thanks Kavey!


  1. So glad you liked it! I was a bit worried that green lentils might be weird but am really glad it turned out well. Dijon mustard IS French mustard, so that's exactly what's called for and I reckon black treacle and molasses are close enough. :-)

  2. Well, we loved it, and that's what counts.
    I will try it your way next time.
    We adore Boston baked beans, I have a recipe from Masterchef Australia for them to try out soon, and another from Serious Eats that I came across today.
    I can highly recommend the others on here that I've made if you're interested.
    I remember my parents having French mustard in the cupboard, but not dijon, so I'd always thought they were different, since they aren't, that's one less sub I made!

  3. Oh, that's odd, thought I'd subscribed to responses to my comment!
    Main thing is that you liked it, that's the joy of sharing recipes.
    Am browsing your posts again, especially the Japan themed ones, am so obsessed at moment.