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Monday, 12 November 2012

Cauliflower cheese soup and sausage rolls.

I had a cauli to use up, that was slightly past it's best, and knew it would be great turned into soup.
I googled for a recipe, and found this one. Good old Delia!
I subbed the roquefort with mature cheddar, as I already had some, and am on a bit of a budget until Christmas.
As you know, we like good accompaniments with our soup, so I poked around and found the recipe for chorizo and cheese sausage rolls.  As I've said, Simon Rimmer has never failed me yet.
I'm dying to try his recipe for pulled lamb vindaloo but lamb is so expensive.
I unfortunately burt the tops of the sausage rolls, so Niamh only ate the filling but enjoyed them, soup is always a winner too.

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