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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Soup and stuff.

This is how our soup nights have come to be known, soup with interesting 'stuff', to go with it.
This week's came from Jamie Oliver, red pepper soup with chilli cheese cornbread.
Now, I don't actually like peppers, but do make an effort to eat them on occasion as Niamh loves them, and it won't kill me to have some.
It was OK, Niamh loved it though, and had three bowls!
The cornbread was delicious, full of flavour and a great texture too, and easy to make.
I've definitely realised the answer to making soup interesting is a good accompaniment, in fact, I've spent the morning bookmarking ideas to try over the next few weeks.
Red pepper soup  Chilli cheese cornbread


  1. Ive always wanted to try cornbread, do you have a basic (no chilli) recipe?

    1. No, that's the only one I've tried but I'd think it would be fine if you just left out the chilli.
      Pea soup with trout croquettes the plan for this week, loosely based on your pea soup with fishfinger croutons.