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Sunday, 26 August 2012

More soup and stuff.

This was almost a bit of a disaster, due to some idiot (yes, that would be me), not reading a recipe thouroughly.
I had wanted to make these trout croquettes from Valentine Warner, and had got in all the ingredients, but on reading through at 5oClock, realised It needed 5 hours chilling time.
Eek, that wasn't going to happen.
I needed something else, so went back to Good Food, and found this recipe, for salmon fishcakes which I made instead, subbing the salmon for trout, and still shaping them into croquette shapes before deep frying in panko breadcrumbs.
The pea soup was really quick and easy, and very sweet tasting, which we liked.  It went really well with the croquettes.
I actually got the idea for the meal from Jen's blog.

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