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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Indian potato pie

I accidentally over ordered sweet potatoes, which is why they've featured a lot this week, I had a couple more to use up, and found this recipe for an Indian potato pie, using filo pastry.
I knew I had filo in the freezer, so it was decided.
I've never worked with filo before, and pastry isn't my strong point, but it sounded easy.
It erm, wasn't really.  The filo tore badly, but it turned out that in this recipe, it was quite forgiving as I could just patchit.
The filling was easy, and fairly quick to make, and so frangrant.
It could be made earlier in the day if you like.
I burned the top, but since it was filo, those bits were easily removed.
I was really pleased with this, shame the pictures didn't turn out very well, but I'd recommend this.
I'd think the leftovers would be great in a lunchbox.
I served it with some honey roast tomato wedges.

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