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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Chinese Supermarket

Back in December, at the grand old age of 34, I got my first ever car.  I love it, it's a tiny white Toyota IQ, which I have stuffed to the brim with pink furry things, and I love to play loud music in it!
Anyway, ever since then, I've been planning to go to one of the Chinese Supermarkets in Glasgow, but for one reason or another, only got round to it on Friday.
Of course, I got hopelessly lost, I can't go anywhere in Glasgow without getting lost, even though I have a Sat Nav, but somehow stumbled on the Supermarket, which wasn't the one I'd been planning to go to, but turns out is the best one, so that was lucky.
They have such a huge range of produce, some I'd heard of, and some I hadn't.  I was the proverbial kid in a sweety shop, throwing things in the trolley with gay abandon.
I didn't buy anything too adventurous this time, but would like to try some of the more adventurous meats next time.  Pig's tails I think!

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